my current stick’n’pokes. they’re all very wobbly and I did first two a few years ago when I was very mentally ill.

1) the word ‘knee’ on my knee. really funny yeh? I watched Memento for the first time and my flatmate dared me to tattoo myself when I said it would be a cool idea.

2) the number ‘23’ on my hand. my boyfriend told me this has horrible connections to white power groups which I didn’t realise at the time but this was how old I was when I did this and was convinced I was going to die that year.

3) a pizza slice on my lower leg. my boyfriend and I did a pizza slice each in the same place about a month and a half ago now. it isn’t perfect and certainly looks DIY but I like it. (the small line underneath was to test both if I could do it correctly with the supplies we bought and as an allergy type test).


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